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Store owners come to me for advice at all different stages. That said, whether you’re growing from $1M ARR to $10M, or from $10M to $100M, the signs that your store needs a fresh perspective tend to be the same.

Signs your eCommerce business could use a coach

If you’re unsure about whether taking the next step is right for you and your business, here’s 5 easy signs that you need my help.

Sign #1: Things are working but you don't know why

If sales are coming in, ads are converting, customers are happy, and you’re not really sure what exactly is working… then you don’t know what to pour more energy and budget into. Sometimes the biggest insights come from gaining clarity into all the pieces of your business that you can’t see, because you’re too close.

Sign #2: You’re leaving your own zone of genius

You might be the best Facebook Ads whiz in the world, but when it comes to managing people, you’re clueless. Or maybe you love sourcing products, but marketing is a mystery to you. Everyone’s got their own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re stretching beyond your own capacity and starting to feel the strain, it’s time for a chat.

Sign #3: You’re not sure what’s next

So you’ve been winning. Now what? Just like the tactics you used to get your first sale were probably different from the ones that won you your 1000th, the levers that take your business to its millionth order will be new and unexplored territory. I’m happy to be your guide.

Sign #4: You’re stuck in the weeds

This is probably the problem I hear most. Most store owners like to get their hands dirty (same here). But if bailing out daily leaks and patching holes is keeping you from steering the ship, the next big wave could sink you.

Sign #5: You just feel alone

There’s no shame in this one. If you want a partner who’s been where you are and dealt with all the ups and downs of running a successful business (or two, or five) then let’s talk.

Here’s some of the things that I can help you with…

Tech & Tools

PPC ads, SEO, and all those other tasty acronyms play a big part in growing your store. Let’s identify your biggest opportunities, and crush ‘em.


Even the “simplest” ecommerce business is being pulled in a million directions at once. I’ll pop my head above the clouds to help you pick & stick to the best path.


What do you want out of your business? Sales goals are good — but you’ve got to consider the long term, too. What do you want the business to look like in three years? Five? Ten?

Self Development

Let’s break through the beliefs that are holding you back. No crystals. No incense. Just eye-opening questions and new ideas.

A quick case study: From $75,000 to $20M

Here’s an example of one of the businesses I recently partnered with.

After spending a month analyzing the business, I quickly laid out a plan of action and my partners took massive action as you can see in the screenshot.



This opportunity is only open to existing eCommerce businesses that have an existing revenue and sales pipeline.

If you are looking to take your eCommerce business to the next level get in touch with me and we’ll schedule a time to talk through your needs.

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If you want to take your ecommerce business to the next level... I can help.

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