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Want no-B.S. strategic guidance that takes your eCommerce business to the next level?

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While I most often consult for stores selling higher-ticket items, I can help you boost your revenue no matter what industry you’re in.

You’re already winning. I’m here to help you win a lot harder.

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I can help you grow your eCommerce business
and manage the stuff that comes up along the way


Boost LTV through better customer relationships

Drive targeted, qualified traffic to scale your sales

Become the leader your team needs

Know where you and your business are going

Here's some of the things that I can help you with...

Tech & Tools

PPC ads, SEO, and all those other tasty acronyms play a big part in growing your store. Let’s identify your biggest opportunities, and crush ‘em.


Even the “simplest” ecommerce business is being pulled in a million directions at once. I’ll pop my head above the clouds to help you pick & stick to the best path.


What do you want out of your business? Sales goals are good — but you’ve got to consider the long term, too. What do you want the business to look like in three years? Five? Ten?

Self Development

Let’s break through the beliefs that are holding you back. No crystals. No incense. Just eye-opening questions and new ideas.

Expert consulting for ambitious eCommerce businesses
that care about their customers

If you’ve gotten this far, you might be thinking about working with me. Go with that feeling. In case it helps, here are answers to some of the most common questions I get.

What does it look like to work with you?

First, we’ll hop on a free, no-obligation call to meet and chat. If we’re both interested in moving forward, I’ll take some time to analyze your business. Then we’ll have regular calls to create and execute your growth plan.

How many eCommerce businesses have you worked with?

Hundreds. You can check out some of my results on this page. These days, I’m a little more selective about who I take on because life-work balance is a real thing.

Who’s the right fit for you? Who’s not?
I work best with store owners who stand behind their products, who have already experienced some level of success on their own. If you’re brand-new to eCommerce or take pride in re-selling cheap electronic crap, we’re probably not a good fit.
What kind of results can I expect from our work together?
While I don’t promise certain dollar amounts or revenue percentage increases (and no one can), I can promise that our work together will grow your sales, clarify your goals, and create your road to reaching them.
Why should I work with you over someone else?
That’s up to you. If my story speaks to you, and you want a second brain to get your business where it’s going faster, with less struggle, then get in touch.

Started on a forklift, now I’m here

I’m an eCommerce expert and business coach who built and sold my first eCommerce store in just 8 months.

After seeing firsthand just how insanely scalable eCommerce is, I threw myself into learning about sustainable traffic methods. That helped me build a solid foundation — and now I have my hands in anywhere from 2-5 businesses at once, helping boost traffic, improve customer experience, and grow sales.

The funny thing is that I started out on a forklift. More about that below…

A few folks I’ve worked with

Ben embodies everything that you are looking for in a mentor, friend, and colleague. He is smart, passionate, funny, very easy to talk to, and pushes you to achieve greatness.

Before working with Ben we were very young and raw. We had a great business, but we didn’t have a plan on how to grow the business.

The best part of working with Ben is that he did not tell us how to run our business or tell us what our plan should be.

He taught us to think for ourselves, take in all of the information that we were given, and then decide the best path forward for our business.

Nobody knows your business better than YOU and Ben succeeds in his role because he understands this and will help push you to become a better leader and business owner.

Before working with Ben, we knew that he really values his time. This was probably our largest concern at the beginning because we were a hungry crew and we were ready to ask him a million questions. We were pleasantly surprised that even though we only had a weekly call, Ben was incredibly responsive in his Slack channel and went above and beyond in terms of communication. 

My company, Recovery for Athletes, were and still are very grateful for having Ben. We still remain very close and continue to bounce business ideas off of each other.

Whenever you talk with Ben you learn something new, whether it is about business, sports, or music, Ben will open the doors to something you never thought imaginable.“

Jared Hiltzik

Jared Hiltzik

Recovery For Athletes

“Ben truly is a class act.

Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in the online space but he is just as much caring and passionate about helping others.

He is someone I can go to anytime with questions and not only is he a consultant but he is someone I now call a friend.

I originally came to Ben looking for help growing my e-commerce business. We were very new to the eCommerce space and felt vulnerable due to some prior failed attempts.

In the past, we have worked with other consultants and agencies and felt completely disconnected from any work being done the entire time.

Ben took the time not only to help get the work done but also to teach us key learning lessons along the way.

He always brought extremely creative approaches to our problems and got us thinking outside the box at Astroflav.

When you work with Ben you will not only get more out of your business but you will get more out of yourself and team along the way.”

Brian Tweer — Astroflav

Brian Tweer


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